New Year, Fresh Start

Today as we all know is new years eve, we all hear every single year hundreds of people saying “New Year, New Me” yet January 1st comes and they are doing the same things and living the same life.

This year I want to look at this new year as a release of the past more than a change of habits. While we all have habits that we need to change and things we want to do you can’t live the life you truly want and move forward unless you’re willing to let go of the past.

Living in the past keeps you stuck, the past is the past. You can’t change it therefore reliving it and keeping your mind on past situations, conversations, etc. does nothing healthy for your life. It simply keeps you stuck and unable to move forwards

This year I want you all to choose a word.

Choose a word that inspires you, pushes you, and forces you to strive for more.

Look at today as the beginning of a new start, write a list of all of the negatives you had this year. Truly relive them, feel the situation, breath it all in. After you’ve gone back and realized how these situations made you feel I want you to rip that list to pieces.

Let it go.

Its a slippery slope if you continue to let your past define you, a slope of sadness, depression and being stuck. 

You call the shots, this is your life no one else’s.

You want to travel, TRAVEL!

You want to move, MOVE!

You want to make a career change, CHANGE!

The only one stopping you from changing your life and moving forward is you. No one has control over your life or your mindset unless you let them. We all have a purpose and we all have passions. If you don’t allow yourself to grow and learn what those are you’ll never be fully satisfied.

Make the most of this day, of this year, of your life!

Word of the year

2 thoughts on “New Year, Fresh Start”

  1. My word for the new year is hope. I have a bad habit of holding onto, and reliving past mistakes, and sometimes I lose hope. 2017 was a tough year, but things are looking up. Thank you for a great post.


    1. Amazing! I love it, ill be routing for you keep that hope strong! Any time you start to feel the struggle think of your word, put it in your wallet and just stare at that word until you get you mind right again 🙂


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