Word of the year

Choose a word.

A word that defines what you want, defines who you want to be, defines your fears.

For example my word of the year is ‘Let Go’

Letting go is hard, letting go of the past, letting go of things you cannot change and letting go of the past.

A few more examples could be, faith, love, health, strength, courage, care, and wisdom.

Once you choose that word I want you to fully envision this word, envision what it truly means to you. What is looks like, feels like, smells like!

I want you for swallow this word up, realize how it makes you feel and how you want it to make you feel.

If your word is strength, maybe you’ve struggled a lot with having the strength to believe in yourself, or maybe you’ve had a difficult time making changes and deciding whether you’re where you need to be.

Once you choose your word put it somewhere you’ll see it daily! Create a vision board, write it on a million sticky notes, put it on your phone background!

Anytime you start to doubt yourself or feel doubtful I want you to look at the word and again fully envision that word and what it means. Keep your word in front of you daily.

You can change your word at any point, hell you can have 5 words if that’s what you want to do!

We all have an easier time staying on track and keeping our minds right when we have a special focus. Keep your focus and keep your mind right!

Tell me, what is your word? ❤

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