Pure Romance, explained


How my bills are paid, how I make my car payments, how I eat is all covered for currently by my independent business.

Now some of you might have just ready the name, blushed and said oh she does that!?

If you didn’t thank you, you either realize its more than the assumption or you have no idea what I’m talking about! (That’s fine too!)

What I do is I empower, educate and entertain women through in-home parties. The reason my company gets such a bad reputation is for that fact that yes, I SELL DILLYS! There you go, it’s explained simply. 

In reality it is so much more than that, while I get to be the one setting up a table, educating women on their bodies and selling them fun exciting items I am also, giving that mother of 3 the confidence to feel good about her body, to realize just because she isn’t a size 2 anymore and has stretch marks she still deserves sex, she still deserves to love herself. 

I help the girls who didn’t grow up in an open discussion family, who never got a sex education class and really isn’t comfortable speaking to anyone about her body. I help her by being the one she confides in and feels safe asking all of her questions to.

Not only those women but I also help the single mothers, the women working 5 jobs simply trying to make ends meets, the women stuck in relationships due to finances, the women insecure about themselves but knowing they deserve more, the women that want to be their own bosses, have their own schedules and make what they are truly worth!

So yes, while I do sell the dillys and other intimate items I also sell so much more and have so much more to offer.

I keep married women married, single women safe, & all women happy ❤

**Want more info on my products or how to be apart of this life I live?

**Go visit my website or simply contact me now!

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