Wine bottles are good for more than drinking

I can say from personal experience that taking a leap of a new endeavour, trip you’ve always wanted or a new experience sounds super exciting and scary at the same time! Unfortunately most of the time our biggest fears are due to financials which sucks and is sad to think.

For instance, when I decided to go full-time with my Pure Romance business I was petrified but what I did was I set cash aside weekly to make sure I was covered for worst case scenario!

If you’re anywhere near as irresponsible as I am saving cash isn’t possible, it either all goes to that one red bull or those couple of scratch offs you might get lucky with. In reality as fun sucking as it sounds that $5 purchase here and there really do make a difference!

What I decided to do awhile back, partially because I always have so many wine bottles, partially because I’m a child when it comes to cash being at my finger tips is I started making wine bottles for money jars and also finding vases that were a similar shape.

Now, you cannot just use an empty wine glass and start putting money in it! There’s nothing keeping you from caring if you break it!

Make a small event out of it, gather some friends, family, and have some drinks and enjoy yourselves while you decorate and create a beautiful fun bottle you’ll feel guilty breaking.

I also help a friend with his estate liquidation company so what I also do whenever were at a new property is I search for pretty decorative vases that have tops similar to wine bottles, pretty and decorative so you don’t want to ruin them but also difficult to try to sneak money out of 🙂

Try this, set a goal. Even if you only add $5 a week, keep a tally and don’t break the bottle until you hit that goal! Its fun, free and easy! Why not?

I want to hear those $$ goals, what there for and when your deadline is!! ❤

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