Write your own story

I was raised in a family that believed you marry into your life as a women. You don’t strive for your own business, you don’t educate yourself and be fully independent, you marry someone who has all of that in place.

To this day, anywhere I travel with my grandfather he is constantly picking out men that look of a higher class or have their lives together… oh how things have changed..

Even though my entire life I have worked and pushed to be fully independent this generation and era is just now getting to the point of realizing it can go both ways. Never ever let someone have full handle on your life and finances especially, for instance the relationship I was in. Finances could have been split more, the house could have been both of our financial responsibilities but I decided to let him take care of it all which resulted in me feeling obligated to stay in place through guilt.

Always take care of yourself, it doesn’t matter what your family wants for your life, what you friends or loved ones feel is right.

Just the other day I told my mother I’m looking to move to New York in the next year, oh lordy lord that wasn’t what she wanted to hear. Its something I feel I need to do and there’s some sort of force pulling me to that decision therefore I’m going for it!!

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