Wakey wakey <3

As soon as you wake up, what is the first thing you do?

Are you the one that jumps out of bed rushing around late without 2 seconds to process your thoughts? Or, are you the one that snoozes your alarm for an hour checking social media, emails etc..?

If you are either STOP, immediately!

I have a challenge for you all. Get up, get out of bed (EARLY). Leave yourself at least an hour before having to get ready and get out the door.

Take that hour for your mind. Meditate, grab a coffee, sit in a quiet place and read a book, even work out if that’s what gets you moving. Spend that first hour on you, on your goals, on strengthening you mindset!!

Is Facebook stalking your ex or looking at that sexy person on Instagram’s new photos really going to push you towards you dreams?

Please for the love of god don’t tell me you even pondered that question..


You might think I’m crazy but I promise you not only will this improve your entire mood but it will change the course of you entire day.

Do this for a week (not just one day) and then tell me whether or not I’m insane! 


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