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First Date

So I really hate that it’s so common now a days but last night at 24 years old I went on my first date ever with someone whom I didn’t already fully know.

Granted it was an amazing time but the fact of the matter is it’s so sad that men and women these days no longer understand the meaning and importance of a true date. My grandparents were younger than I when they were all dating and going to dinner and movies, it was how things were.

It’s terrible how our generation has basically transformed into “Hey lets meet up and chat” Or “Hey come over to my house” As first time meetings.

It was difficult in all honesty to go meet someone, have a meal and basically just introduce yourself and talk about life over a meal with someone you don’t know, not something many people do anymore at my age, but it shouldn’t be such an uncommon thing.

It was a big eye opener to see that thankfully there is still men out there willing to be that chivalrous individual not just looking for some Netflix and chill.

Many people were shocked by my mention of this being my first one ever and the reason being is mainly, people are easy to read, you can tell whether someone’s intentions are far beyond being a genuine person looking to get to know you. 

Everyone’s been asking details on this manner but I’ve learned a quiet life is truly a happy life and not all details need to be shared.

I will share the fact that surprisingly and very respectfully there was not even a goodbye kiss on this first date for the fact that this man was not wanting to be seen as all of the rest constantly throwing passes at me.

Don’t worry ladies, they still exist 

Men, figure it out and get it together. Unless you’re still on this level, keep it up 🙂


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