Find your why!

What is your why?

What drives you, motivates you, forces you to keep going?

You might feel like your why is more money, that new car or a bigger home but those simple things can never be enough to push you to reach your goals. It has to be so much stronger than that.

I’ve been told a hundred times;

“If your why doesn’t make you want to cry then is it truly your why?”

For instance my why for my push and my hustle is I never again want anyone to ever have the power to say I wouldn’t have something because of them. My entire life ive been shown and taught to take the easy route and do the minimal. I never want to have to say I settled.

There’s a lot more to my why but that’s the easiest way to share it.

Your why could be you want your kids to grow up never struggling in the way you have, it could be you want to be able to give back to your family who has always supported you, it could caused by a childhood situation or someone else’s. What ever drives you and pushes you to want more.

*Your how will follow your what and why*

Don’t fear trying or jumping just because you don’t know how you’ll get there, decide why you want to get there and the rest will follow.

Its not always easy to figure out, took me a long while.

Get out there, connect with others who know what drives them and in time your passion will come to light.

For those whom know there why I would love for you to share with me ❤

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