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Personally as bad as it sounds until now I don’t remember the last time I allowed a male into my life whom was just a generally nice and respectful person without ulterior motives.

At the beginning of any friendship/relationship you never know who is genuine, who is simply putting on a façade to better themselves or is simply wanting something from you.

In the past I’ve let so many people put me in a mindset of uncertainty. Unsure what they were thinking, unsure of their motives, unsure if they would even emotionally be there tomorrow.

I can’t begin to explain how draining that is. Nothing is more confusing and painful than being on edge wondering day by day what might happen with someone.

“If a person always leaves you with mixed feelings, uncertainty and an unsettled mind, you don’t need to place your energy there.”

Once you realize your self-worth and truly see how negative those types of people are whether it be a friend, a relationship or a family member you can begin to allow the right people into your life who will truly expand your mind and life instead of complicating it.

Something I’ve learned to do and still do constantly is I sit back and take a look at my relationships with people individually, if you’re the only one keeping the connection going, if you constantly feel you must impress for fear they will walk away, or if for any reason they make you feel you are not good enough, WALK AWAY!

No one willing to make someone feel such a way is worth the words, thoughts or feelings.

Choose self-love, love yourself so much that when someone treats you wrong, you recognize it ❤

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