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One sided love

Have you ever felt you’ve met the right person at the wrong time?

Ever had such a strong connection with someone right off the bat that leaves you petrified and confused?

Now, what happens when everything seems like it could be perfect but the other person is keeping walls up and avoiding the feeling?

That’s where the torture comes.

One-sided love is waiting for something that might never happen. It’s thinking about someone day in and day out while you probably never cross their mind. It holds you back from even thinking about anyone else no matter how hard you try.

I read a quote awhile back that really hit home and struck this scenario,

“And karma said; you will fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you, for not loving someone who did.”

With that said, what does that mean? With that belief, karma could be a never-ending circle of confusion and doubt.

Anything one-sided is destruction, its constantly questioning your self-worth. Constantly wondering why you’re not enough, it amplifies every minor flaw.

One sided love is not love, its liking the idea of someone. Its infatuation. It’s a poetic term for heartbreak.

So at what point do you walk away?

At what point do you force yourself to realize things will never be what you wish, what you feel is possible.

We can envision stories and play out scenarios until we drive ourselves crazy, or we can open our eyes and see how much damage the situation has caused and take a lesson from it.

Nothing is worse than being the one that cares deeper

Take care of your mind and soul before anything else, you deserve it

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