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Stop Searching



Daily I see too many people constantly looking for someone to make them happy, constantly complaining that they are all by themselves.

My biggest word of advice is STOP!

I’ve been there, confused and unsure of who I am. Feeling like if I just had the attention or love of someone new I would be able to figure out who I was and be happy.

The brutal truth is, in reality you’ll still be the nothing you felt you were yesterday and youll only be happy until the newness fades. I’m sure you’ve seen and heard it a million times, “You can’t love someone else unless you love yourself first.”

Do some soul seeking, read some self-help books. Decide who you are and what you want personally in life before you even attempt to bring someone else into the mix.

Life works in mysterious ways, sit back, do your own thing and things will pan out how they should. Maybe that one swipe you randomly made on tinder will turn into something more, maybe that person that said hello at the grocery store will be your future partner?!

“Treat yourself with love and respect, and you will attract people who show you love and respect.”

Meaning, if you’re in a negative or desperate mindset those are the energies and people you will be attracting. You get what you put out into the universe, until youre ready keep humble and simmer down.

I can say from personal experience, I’ve let too many people into my life at my darkest hour which ended up being the people hurt me the most. It’s not easy to come back from such heartache and negativity, it takes a long time to come back to a place you can trust people.


Keep your chin up! You don’t need a him/her to be happy! Youre perfect all alone!

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