Psychic reading

While on Vacation me and a friend decided it would be a fun idea to go visit my first psychic, wasted my money but did have a fun story!

Before we walked in I made a comment how I felt she was going to only tell us positives to keep us liking her and happy, I was wrong

Of course it started with her asking my name and birthday to try to be able to read me by my sign.

She then asked whom I was involved with in which I told her someone I had been talking to for a few months. She obviously wasn’t a fan of his name because she immediately told me to kick him to the curb, for all she knew I was proposing next week!! Granted some of the assumptions of his personality and the situation based off of his sign were true but right away said he needs to go.

She then went on to tell me I need to travel more or ill regret it, well duh…

Also told me that my ex was about to get a girl pregnant, I said his new gf has a daughter at which point she said that’s probably what she was reading (smh)

The only insights and time frame she gave which of course ill be marking my calendar to call bs (haha) was that in 4 months ill meet prince charming, best part is that she continued to tell me ill get married and have a family but be miserable, unsatisfied and get a divorce (thanks).

So, realistically she didn’t tell me anything whatsoever I did not already know but my thoughts were what if I were a super depressed person or if everything she just told me ruined my life…what if I went and beat my ex for maybe getting a girl pregnant!?

Makes me wonder how some people react to things like that whom are very emotionally unstable.

All in all, that was my first psychic trip! We will see in 4 months the truth haha!

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