Don’t leave crumbs

We all have things we don’t want to do, we will do them later we say. In reality some of these things we put off really are just going to end up causing ourselves more stress and worry when they come back to bite us.

That guy you borrowed money from a few months back, what happens when you randomly see him in public and you’ve forgotten to pay him back but can’t? You’re either going to walk the other way or have an awkward conversation. 

You promised you’d call and set up that coffee date with a friend but keep telling yourself you’ll get to it and continually keep putting it off? Eventually that friend will think you’re careless or if your lucky they’ll be just as lazy as you are.

That conversation you’ve been putting off because you hate confrontation, I promise you that talk will be worse 6 months later.

Why do we do these things?

Prioritizing and scheduling issues honestly but think about it, you’re simply creating more stress and nonsense for yourself by putting things off. Wouldn’t you rather take care of everything real quick as you need to so that once you see that person you have nothing to worry about?

Why wait until tomorrow what you could get done today. Save yourself the trouble and get it done!


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