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Have to love yourself first

The past 8 month I’ve been trying to force myself to be ready for someone else, I preach to myself and others constantly that in order to love someone else you must love yourself first but like most people I’m great at giving advice not taking it.

I’ve spent the last 8 months mentally consuming my mind with thoughts and fantasies that I realize now were simply what I hoped for not what was agreed upon. I did this because no matter how hard you try sometimes, its hard to love yourself first, sometimes its hard to see yourself through other peoples eyes or beyond the mirror.

Too many people myself included connect themselves and force themselves into relationships and situations in hope that the void they feel about themselves will be filled and cured by someone else’s words and emotions when in reality that is exactly what brings you further and further away from finding yourself and truly being whom you need yourself to be.

Stop seeking approval from others.

Stop searching for love before you love yourself.

Stop convincing yourself that you are not enough.

And never, ever, ever SETTLE.

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