Unknown intentions

The other day I decided to take up an offer from a guy I considered a friend to go for a walk and chat, someone whom I’ve known for years and talk to from time to time who had reached out to reconnect randomly.

This ‘hangout’ resulted in him telling me that unless I’m looking to ‘hook up’ to not text him or respond to him because he has enough friends he doesn’t need any more..

It baffles me how this day and age the majority of “men” don’t understand getting to know someone, building a relationship, having conversations and not assuming that intimacy is the only reason to see someone.

Don’t get me wrong I fully understand that’s not everyone’s mindset but from the majority of men I come across it’s sad that you can never tell if their intentions are pure or selfish until its too late.

Can’t we go back to chivalry, back to dating, back to connecting with someone’s soul not their body?

Many people wonder why I focus on business so much and decline every date I’m asked on, here’s why. Here is what I envision happening every time I say yes and every time I decide to give out my time because of how often it happens.

The end.

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