Lifestyle, motivation

A grateful New Year.

Everyone is sitting here trying to focus on their new year, new me resolutions or they are sitting here laughing at anyone whom doesn’t look at Jan 1st as just another day.

My question for both parties is this,

Have you stopped today to think about the meer fact you are alive and breathing?

Have you sat back, looked around you and realized everything you have to be grateful for?

Yes, if you stick it out at the gym that is AWESOME.

Yes, if you stick to that new diet that is AMAZING.

But, what happens when you slip up?

All to often people get down on themselves and feel like they failed.

What if instead we used the new year to open our eyes and just understand how lucky we are to be able to even have the time and mindset to make such goals instead.

What are you grateful for this new day?

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