True Colors

Do you truly know each person you surround yourself with? Do you truly know your partner or ex partner? I want you all to truly sit back and think about this for a second, people can say one thing and actually think a whole other way just to not hurt you or deal with confrontation. … Continue reading True Colors

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Stay or Go?

Words cant explain the confusion and over thinking that comes with not knowing whether you're a fool to continue waiting for someone else to be ready for what you are or to walk away. I've never been able to understand people who hold back words or feelings, maybe it's because I wear my heart on… Continue reading Stay or Go?

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One sided love

Have you ever felt you've met the right person at the wrong time? Ever had such a strong connection with someone right off the bat that leaves you petrified and confused? Now, what happens when everything seems like it could be perfect but the other person is keeping walls up and avoiding the feeling? That's… Continue reading One sided love


Just Listen

This weekend an incredible lady whom has been following me for some time now shared her goals with me. She thankfully confided in me the fact that for a long while she's had an idea to start her own business and basically had all the details in place but hadn't had the courage to throw… Continue reading Just Listen

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Personally as bad as it sounds until now I don't remember the last time I allowed a male into my life whom was just a generally nice and respectful person without ulterior motives. At the beginning of any friendship/relationship you never know who is genuine, who is simply putting on a façade to better themselves… Continue reading Self-love


Find your why!

What is your why? What drives you, motivates you, forces you to keep going? You might feel like your why is more money, that new car or a bigger home but those simple things can never be enough to push you to reach your goals. It has to be so much stronger than that. I've… Continue reading Find your why!


Cultivate Kindness

People come and go in your life, sometimes when you least expect it, sometimes when you need it most. Every single person has a story to tell and a lesson to teach you whether we realize it or not. It just depends on if you're ready to open your eyes and listen. Whether it's a… Continue reading Cultivate Kindness