Happiness or self pity, you choose

We are all in full control of how we handle difficult situations and how we let them effect us. For instance, last week I had a very difficult conversation in which I had to take a step back and have a very serious self talk with myself about. Since I moved out of my home… Continue reading Happiness or self pity, you choose


True Colors

Do you truly know each person you surround yourself with? Do you truly know your partner or ex partner? I want you all to truly sit back and think about this for a second, people can say one thing and actually think a whole other way just to not hurt you or deal with confrontation. … Continue reading True Colors


Find your why!

What is your why? What drives you, motivates you, forces you to keep going? You might feel like your why is more money, that new car or a bigger home but those simple things can never be enough to push you to reach your goals. It has to be so much stronger than that. I've… Continue reading Find your why!


Wine bottles are good for more than drinking

I can say from personal experience that taking a leap of a new endeavour, trip you've always wanted or a new experience sounds super exciting and scary at the same time! Unfortunately most of the time our biggest fears are due to financials which sucks and is sad to think. For instance, when I decided… Continue reading Wine bottles are good for more than drinking


Word of the year

Choose a word. A word that defines what you want, defines who you want to be, defines your fears. For example my word of the year is 'Let Go' Letting go is hard, letting go of the past, letting go of things you cannot change and letting go of the past. A few more examples… Continue reading Word of the year