Unknown intentions

The other day I decided to take up an offer from a guy I considered a friend to go for a walk and chat, someone whom I've known for years and talk to from time to time who had reached out to reconnect randomly. This 'hangout' resulted in him telling me that unless I'm looking… Continue reading Unknown intentions

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Scared to be alone

Day in and day out we all see relationship statuses change, one day in a relationship, one day single, back to a relationship. It's sad how our generation doesn't have the ability to be alone. Maybe you did find someone you truly care about but at the same time take a step back and ask… Continue reading Scared to be alone

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First Date

So I really hate that it's so common now a days but last night at 24 years old I went on my first date ever with someone whom I didn't already fully know. Granted it was an amazing time but the fact of the matter is it's so sad that men and women these days… Continue reading First Date