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A grateful New Year.

Everyone is sitting here trying to focus on their new year, new me resolutions or they are sitting here laughing at anyone whom doesn't look at Jan 1st as just another day. My question for both parties is this, Have you stopped today to think about the meer fact you are alive and breathing? Have… Continue reading A grateful New Year.


Careful if you share your goals

People are constantly judging, we all do it whether we want to admit it or not. Some of us are thankfully a lot more humble about it than others but realistically we all have this trait. Not everyone is always going to agree with your mindset, your path or your desires in life, its a… Continue reading Careful if you share your goals


Just Listen

This weekend an incredible lady whom has been following me for some time now shared her goals with me. She thankfully confided in me the fact that for a long while she's had an idea to start her own business and basically had all the details in place but hadn't had the courage to throw… Continue reading Just Listen


Find your why!

What is your why? What drives you, motivates you, forces you to keep going? You might feel like your why is more money, that new car or a bigger home but those simple things can never be enough to push you to reach your goals. It has to be so much stronger than that. I've… Continue reading Find your why!


Wakey wakey <3

As soon as you wake up, what is the first thing you do? Are you the one that jumps out of bed rushing around late without 2 seconds to process your thoughts? Or, are you the one that snoozes your alarm for an hour checking social media, emails etc..? If you are either STOP, immediately!… Continue reading Wakey wakey ❤


Write your own story

I was raised in a family that believed you marry into your life as a women. You don't strive for your own business, you don't educate yourself and be fully independent, you marry someone who has all of that in place. To this day, anywhere I travel with my grandfather he is constantly picking out… Continue reading Write your own story


Wine bottles are good for more than drinking

I can say from personal experience that taking a leap of a new endeavour, trip you've always wanted or a new experience sounds super exciting and scary at the same time! Unfortunately most of the time our biggest fears are due to financials which sucks and is sad to think. For instance, when I decided… Continue reading Wine bottles are good for more than drinking