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Have to love yourself first

The past 8 month I've been trying to force myself to be ready for someone else, I preach to myself and others constantly that in order to love someone else you must love yourself first but like most people I'm great at giving advice not taking it. I've spent the last 8 months mentally consuming… Continue reading Have to love yourself first

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Scared to be alone

Day in and day out we all see relationship statuses change, one day in a relationship, one day single, back to a relationship. It's sad how our generation doesn't have the ability to be alone. Maybe you did find someone you truly care about but at the same time take a step back and ask… Continue reading Scared to be alone


Say it before its too late

One thing I cannot stand about this generation were all in is no one is capable of communication. When snapchat and Facebook are the main source of everyone's conversations and relationships things get twisted, brushed aside or simply not spoken. No one knows their timeline, no one knows how long they have to say how… Continue reading Say it before its too late


Self respect

There is nothing worse than not knowing where you stand in someone elses eyes. If you have to question their intentions or whether to stay or leave even once, RUN. I've seen too many men and women waste too much time and lose themselves on someone whom never planned to stay in the first place… Continue reading Self respect

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Stop Searching

  Daily I see too many people constantly looking for someone to make them happy, constantly complaining that they are all by themselves. My biggest word of advice is STOP! I've been there, confused and unsure of who I am. Feeling like if I just had the attention or love of someone new I would… Continue reading Stop Searching


Pure Romance, explained

  How my bills are paid, how I make my car payments, how I eat is all covered for currently by my independent business. Now some of you might have just ready the name, blushed and said oh she does that!? If you didn't thank you, you either realize its more than the assumption or… Continue reading Pure Romance, explained