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A grateful New Year.

Everyone is sitting here trying to focus on their new year, new me resolutions or they are sitting here laughing at anyone whom doesn't look at Jan 1st as just another day. My question for both parties is this, Have you stopped today to think about the meer fact you are alive and breathing? Have… Continue reading A grateful New Year.


Don’t leave crumbs

We all have things we don't want to do, we will do them later we say. In reality some of these things we put off really are just going to end up causing ourselves more stress and worry when they come back to bite us. That guy you borrowed money from a few months back,… Continue reading Don’t leave crumbs


Careful if you share your goals

People are constantly judging, we all do it whether we want to admit it or not. Some of us are thankfully a lot more humble about it than others but realistically we all have this trait. Not everyone is always going to agree with your mindset, your path or your desires in life, its a… Continue reading Careful if you share your goals


Write your own story

I was raised in a family that believed you marry into your life as a women. You don't strive for your own business, you don't educate yourself and be fully independent, you marry someone who has all of that in place. To this day, anywhere I travel with my grandfather he is constantly picking out… Continue reading Write your own story


Wine bottles are good for more than drinking

I can say from personal experience that taking a leap of a new endeavour, trip you've always wanted or a new experience sounds super exciting and scary at the same time! Unfortunately most of the time our biggest fears are due to financials which sucks and is sad to think. For instance, when I decided… Continue reading Wine bottles are good for more than drinking


Word of the year

Choose a word. A word that defines what you want, defines who you want to be, defines your fears. For example my word of the year is 'Let Go' Letting go is hard, letting go of the past, letting go of things you cannot change and letting go of the past. A few more examples… Continue reading Word of the year